How To Be The Best In Online Dating?

Online Dating
Profile photographs specially in online dating sites holds much importance. After all it's matter of heart. But there are few myths attached to it.

Sam Yagan and colleagues cataloged more than 7,000 profile photographs on the online matchmaking site and on basis of the survey busted these myths.

"Dating is dating whether it happens online or offline," says Sam.

Myth No. 1. Smile !!!

Smile of a girl is priceless but the same is not for man. So, men it is not necessary for you to smile in your pic. Photos in which men were looking away from the camera and not smiling had the most success in getting messages from possible dates.

For the ladies, she should look straight at the camera with a pouty-face smile.

Myth No. 2. No phone or web cam pics.

These presumably lower-quality photos make no difference. They are as successful if not more as other pics.

Myth No. 3. Guys should keep their shirts on.

Take Salman Khan as your ideal. If you have a fit bod then flaunt it. You are sure to be hot on the dating news.

The female stick to ab shot or the cleavage shot But don't be vulgar.

Myth No. 4. Always show your face.

The new survey suggests with all other things equal, whether or not you show your face has no impact on the number of messages you receive. A face-less picture can actually create quite a stir. You lure people with your post and keep them guessing. Guessing game has always been successful.

Get out of these myths today and happy dating.

Story first published: Monday, February 22, 2010, 16:31 [IST]

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