Why Drunk Sex Is Better?

Sex is a big thing for everyone. During your first sexual encounter, you feel shy to go naked in front of your partner. This is because you feel uncomfortable or extra conscious about yourself. Few women fear of the virginity and men worry about their penis size. Well, having sex when drunk is something which many couples suggest. According to few, having since in a drunken state is better when compared to the conscious state. Well, find out the reasons to know why sex rocks when you are unconscious.

Drunk sex is better

Drunk Sex

You are not self conscious:
As you are drunk, you do not feel shy or uncomfortable while having sex. This is one of the reasons why girls don't feel uncomfortable when making love. If your woman is shy, just have a drink together to spice up the mood and have an erotic sex.

Alcohol is an aphrodisiac: You might not be aware of this fact but, alcohol is an aphrodisiac that increases your sex drive. Whenever you drink a peg or two, you will feel cozy and the urge to hug your partner and kiss increases instantly. Alcohol especially wine is a natural sex booster. So, have a glass of wine and watch how good two of you perform in bed.

Comfort level: Well, you are drunk and not completely in your senses. So, you won't mind making sex love with your partner. There will be no hesitation, just a comfort level.

No thoughts: The flow while having sex in a drunk state is non-stop and there is no second thoughts at all! You will not think how erotic your partner or you are performing. You will just feel the pleasure while enjoying the moment.

These are few reasons to prove that drunk sex is better. However, you should be careful while making love in this situation as you behave carelessly during this time. The chances of getting pregnant increases as you are not in your complete senses. So, be careful while enjoying the drunken sex.

Story first published: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 14:48 [IST]
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