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Sexual Activities

Why Men Love Women With Long Hair?
Men love women with long hair? Wondering what hair has to do with sex right? Well, the shocking part is, men feel long hair is sexually appealing. The long hair of a woman makes her sensually attractive and appealing tot the ...
Men Love Women Long Hair
Sensual Spots Women Sensitive Body Parts
Women's Sensual Spots To Arouse Her!
If you want to spice up romance and want new ways to arouse a woman then know the sensual spots of a women to excite her. Just touching or caressing her bosom doesn't excite all women. Grabbing or slapping the buttocks ...
7 Things Women Hate In Bed During Lovemaking!
When it comes to lovemaking, women have different thoughts and expectations. This makes a man confused and wonder as to what a woman wants in bed! The main reason behind the complicated women's reaction towards lovemaking is that she is shy ...
Women Hate Bed Men Lovemaking Session
Excite Man Tips Make Love
How To Excite A Man?
<p><strong></strong>If you are in a mood to make love but your man is not then here are some easy tips to excite your man in mood for orgasm. <br /><br />Women are generally shy to express their mood for lovemaking ...
Best Lovemaking Positions To Enjoy Orgasm!
As you have read 6 best lovemaking positions to excite women. Here are best lovemaking positions which women love and is pleasurable to the men too!Man on top: This is one of the most widely preferred lovemaking position which is loved ...
Best Lovemaking Positions
Outdoor Lovemaking Orgasm
Outdoor Lovemaking Is Sensual!
Lovemaking is not limited to particular place or time. If you have a passion to experiment with your sexuality why always go for the traditional way of sensual pleasure and acts? Why to have orgasm on a bed when you can ...
6 Lovemaking Positions To Excite Women!
Lovemaking requires the thirst to try out new orgasm positions. There are numerous lovemaking positions which are loved by women and by men. Too much twisting and experiments can make the woman lose her orgasm in the midst. So, avoid contorting.Most ...
Lovemaking Positions Women Orgasm 250711 Aid
Lovemaking Brothel On Wheels
Lovemaking on wheels!
From outside it looked like a sleek black limousine bus, but inside, it had a lot of kinky stuff going on. ...
Why homosexuality hasn't become extinct?
Italian scientists have come up with an explanation for the puzzle as to why homosexuality, if it is hereditary, has not been eliminated from the gene pool to date, despite the fact that gay people are less ...
Homosexuality Lovemaking
Extra kilos make women make love in the dark
It's not coyness that makes women switch off lights before sex, but it's the extra kilos that put them off from being too enthusiastic about bedroom activities, reveals a new survey. ...
Lovemaking Facts Extra Weight

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