Why Men Love Women With Long Hair?

Men Love Women Long Hair
Men love women with long hair? Wondering what hair has to do with sex right? Well, the shocking part is, men feel long hair is sexually appealing. The long hair of a woman makes her sensually attractive and appealing tot the eyes of a man. This is why men always prefer women with long hair. This liking towards long hair depend from person to person. There are few men who prefer tomboyish women with short hair. However, let us take the majority and try to answer why men love women with long hair.

Reasons why men love to see women with long hair:

Its hot: Even if you have thick long curly or straight hair, men feel it is hot! When carried with style and attitude, this can be one of the most attractive thing in a woman that can be used to drive a man crazy! Shine and gloss of long hair can tempt a man in seconds. Make sure, your hair smells great! It is an addition to the fire that burns inside the man.

Signifies fertility: According to many studies, long and thick hair signifies the fertility rate of a woman. Healthy hair also shows that the woman is fit and active both physically and mentally. Do not think so much! This doesn't include genital hair!!

Fantasy: Well, every man has a fantasy. It can be through watching videos or through self imagination. There are many men who love to see wet hair. The water droplets on the neck or bosom after shower can excite them in seconds. If talking in terms of eroticism, men fantasize holding the hair of a women like reins of a horse during intercourse. It is wild and weird but, a fantasy of men!!

Its sexual: While kissing, men love to play with the hair of a woman. It is not only because women get excited when their partners play with the hair. It is mainly because men love to lose themselves in between the strands of lose hair. It makes them feel erotic and also excites their partner at the same time!

These are few reasons to answer why your man is attracted to long hair. If your partner asks you to always leave your hair open in front of him, do not think why he is asking that. Instead, just open your hair and try some sexy hairstyles to impress him immediately. Do not forget to condition your hair. Nice smell from the hair is a big turn on for men!

Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 17:36 [IST]

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