Dirty Ways To Turn Him ON!

There are many ways to excite your man and make him go crazy for you. From a hand job to the sexy dance, you can try anything. This is simple because it is not difficult to excite a man and get his attention towards sex. You go naked in front of him and, within a minute you can see the erection. However, men have the problem of getting bored very easily. If you go naked every week then after a month, he will be bored and the interest will not be the same. Thus, here are few sexy ways to turn on your man that he might not have imagined.

Dirty ways to turn him on:

Dirty Ways To Turn Him ON!

On the cleavage: You might have seen many porn stars putting the groin of the man on the cleavage. You can try this dirty way to excite your man in bed. Men love this method as it makes them feel like an intercourse. The deeper the cleavage, the more enjoyable the session becomes.

Behind his testicles: The perineum of a man can be smartly used to intensify his sexual mood. Perineum is a big trigger that makes a man reach the peak of excitement. While indulging in hand or mouth job, use the region behind the testicles (1-2 inches down the testicles). You can either tickle there or massage the spot to turn on your man instantly.

Place a mirror: Men always have the wild fantasy to see themselves while having sex. It is not just exciting but thrilling too! Women on the other hand are shy or uncomfortable in seeing such actions. But, you can try this dirty trick to excite your man and bring the fire on! Place a mirror parallel to him so that he can get a view of it while you two are performing.

Suit yourself beside him: Almost all men have this fantasy to see their women masturbate in front of them. This is because, men feel that a live porn film is going beside them. Do not let him touch while you try to suit yourself. This attempt will be a great sexual drive for your man.

Delay his climax: This is a smart and sexy way to have erotic sex. When he is about to cum, slow down or pause completely for 3-5 seconds. Re-start again. You can try this trick for 2-3 times but make sure you do not overdo it! Pausing before reaching climax will make him more wild while having sex. One dirty trick is to gently hold the base of his groin when he is about to cum. Wait for 2-5 seconds and resume. If your man is suffering from premature ejaculation, this dirty trick can be really beneficial in the bed to last longer.

Do you know more tips to excite a man?

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