Four Sure Signs That A Woman Is Sexually Excited

Men often do not understand when their lady love is excited. Unlike men, women do not express their sexual feelings easily. They tend to keep it within themselves and this creates a lot of gap in their sexual lives.

However, if you know that your woman will not talk about it openly, you can pay attention to her gestures and expressions. Most of the times, women express their sexual excitement through certain ways and gestures.

For example, you can make out when a woman is horny when she starts opening about the very topic, sex! Similarly, when she starts dirty talking with you, take it as an urgent sign that she is horny and wants you badly in her arms!

Here are some of the signs to know that a woman is sexually excited. Keep these signs in mind and when you notice them, take the lead and make her happy on bed.

Signs To Know She Is Sexually Excited:

Four Sure Signs That A Woman Is Sexually Excited

She Starts Talking Dirty: When a woman gets sexually turned on, she will love talking dirty just like men. You will notice that the woman is not minding talking about sex and is opening up gradually, then it is a sign that she is horny and wouldn't mind if you approach her.

She Sticks To You: While talking or walking, when a woman starts coming physically close and touch you, you can make out her intentions. This touch is very sensual and clear signals that she is sexually aroused and in the mood for some sex. Sometimes, a woman might get dirty by finding out excuses to touch you on your private parts as well.

She Sends You Sexy Pictures: Sexting is a sign that shows that she is turned on. However, when you start getting sexy selfies (with or without clothes) in sultry poses, then it is a sign that she is horny. Most of the women do not have the guts to say "I want to have sex right now!". This is why, they use such tricks to signal that they are sexually aroused.

She Throws Certain Gestures: A woman shows her sexual interest by throwing gestures. For example, playing with her hair, lips or giving sensual looks are few common gestures which shows that she is excited for some fun.

These are some signs to know that a woman is sexually excited.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 18:29 [IST]
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