Vaginal Burn After Sex? Home Remedies

Sometimes sex can be really painful. Vaginal pain, soreness, burning or itching are commonly observed by women during and after sex. Although these are symptoms of yeast infection, most of the times, improper hygiene and little carelessness can also lead to such painful sex. Lack of lubrication is another reason behind vaginal burning after sex. So, how should you deal with this problem after having sex? Here are few home remedies to get rid of vaginal burn after sex.

Home remedies for vaginal burn after sex:

Vaginal Burn After Sex? Home Remedies

Rinse with cold water: Rinse your genitals with cold water. Liquid in condoms can also lead to vaginal burn or UTI. So, it is best to wash your genitals with cold water to get rid of bacteria and germs that can further cause infection.

Use a lube: Most of the women do not lubricate all the time. It might happen due to lack of sexual drive, lack of interest, less foreplay etc. So, if you are not lubricating enough, use a lube. It allows easy penetration, and also prevents sex pain.

Avoid strong essence soaps: One of the home remedies for vaginal burn after sex is to avoid using strong essence soaps or body wash to clean your genitals. Vagina is a self-cleaning organ so, do not use harsh chemicals to clean before or after having sex. If your vagina is burning after sex, wash with cold water and leave it for sometime. Trying something can irritate even more.

Baking soda: Many women use baking soda as one of the home remedies for vaginal burn after sex. Mix baking soda with water. Soak a clean cloth piece and dab it on to the vulva.

Let it cool: Wash your genitals with cold water and spread your legs. Fresh air will provide relief from vaginal burn and also help overcome this problem after having sex.

Drink lots of water: Most of the times, vaginal burn can be due to dehydration. It gets difficult to pass out urine as vaginal burn is severe. So, drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Try these home remedies to treat vaginal burn after having sex. If the condition doesn't improve, consult a doc as vaginal burn, itching and irritation can be a symptom of yeast infection.

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Story first published: Friday, March 29, 2013, 15:45 [IST]
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