Signs You Are Ready For Sex

Signs You Are Ready For Sex
Sex is something that can either make you go crazy or scare you. If you fall in the club of the first (you go crazy when you have sex), then there is nothing wrong in it. It is just that, you have to know when you are actually ready for sex. Here are few signs to know if you are prepared to make love or not.

Signs you are ready for sex:

You think without hesitation: Both men and women think about sex more than once in a day. According to many studies, men think more than 15 times and women think about sex at least 5 times in a day. Suddenly, you will start thinking more frequently about sex and you will not hesitate to keep thinking. Earlier, you might have not liked thinking about something dirty and sexual, but now, you are all into it without any embarrassment. If you are facing this, then it is a sign to show that you are ready to have sex with your partner.

Wet dreams: When you get wet dreams, you get to know that you are thinking more intensely about sex. Getting wet dreams or too much of secretion is a sign that your testosterone or oestrogen levels are at their peak.

When you are comfortable: This is the most important signs to know if you are ready to have sex or not. When you think you are comfortable going naked in front of your partner without any hesitation, you are ready to make love and enjoy the life of physical union. This however happens when you know your partner well enough and trust him or her completely.

Make sure you are actually ready to have sex. There is a right age when you should be prepared to make love. Also, decide to have sex when you have faith in your partner. In short, answer yourself, "Is he the right one?" Gather all the necessary knowledge about sex and the precautions that are required to make love in a healthy way. These days, many people indulge in sex just to 'fit in' their social circle. Sex is no more a big deal for teens and youths. Thus, to avoid falling in the odd or to experience the fun, you think of having sex. Peer pressure plays a strong role in manipulating you to have sex. So, be mentally as well as physically prepared before taking the decision.

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