Why Men Watch Porn I

Why Men Watch Porn?
Jacob and his teenage friend were off to the nearby village theater, to watch a porn movie, that most of their classmates talked about. It wasn't a gross XXX movie, but it had everything that could arouse them for at least 2 hours. It was their first experience, both were thrilled and scared at the same time. Therefore both opted to wear a helmet until they walked inside the theater. Nobody could make out who they were. So both relaxed as soon as they sat on their seat and removed their head covers. But to their horror, Jacob saw his friend's father sitting beside him. They didn't know what to do. They exchanged a smile, watched the movie together without a single word and walked out silently as if they were strangers.

Seventy percent of men age 18-34 view Internet porn at least once a month. The statistics must have scared every woman, especially the married ones. The first question that boomed in your head would be, "He's got me,Why does he need to look at that nasty crap?" Why do men have such craze for it, is it a fantasy, curiosity or just a moments pleasure that they crave for. Lets explore his deepest thoughts behind the sinful pleasure he loves.

It's just a normal affair

Men are hardwired differently. They have got sex on the brain almost any time, if left all alone. This can be frustrating, torturous and downright excruciating. That is why watching porn is completely a normal activity as it relieves their tension. They don't see anything wrong in doing it. Rather they think watching porn is healthy and almost a necessity.

It is just a personal affair with no intimate harm to anybody. Watching porn is so normal for guys that they will even share their favorite DVD's and videos with their buddies as if, letting someone borrow a lawn mower. They are biologically programmed to respond to the sight of people having sex.

His first sex education

Teenage boys are curious abut the very three letter word 'sex'. They are curious to know what condoms are all about, why big boobs arouse them...etc and porn certainly demonstrates the mechanics. Long before their first sexual relationship, porn is their sex education. They get answers to all their shy and must know question which they are afraid to ask the elders.

Visual stimulants

Men tend to do it, to experience visual stimulants. Sexually active men unhappy with their partner, watch pornography to relieve themselves of any unmet sexual urges through masturbation. Porn is just something naughty that men love to do.

To experiment and learn

This must be a common excuse that most married women must have heard when their partners were caught red handed. However it is also one of the main reasons. Men love to try something new on their every sexual play. They love to try varied sexual position that their porn heroes do. Well! If this is the main reason then ladies, you need not worry. For the sinful act is just there to please you at night.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 21, 2007, 15:03 [IST]

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