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Sexual Life

Before Having Sex With Ex
When you are dating, you get physically close with your partner. If it is true love, you really feel great while having sex or making out with your partner. But, after break up, you really miss your active sex life. It ...
Rules Sex With Ex
Pros Cons Move In Together
Pros & Cons Of Moving In Together
In a friends with benefits relationship? Well, you can move in together or just meet when you two wish to have sex! Ideally, in a friends with benefits relationship, sex bec...
Pain That You Experience After Sex
Sex can be sensitive or wild, depending on the fire and passion between the two. The lovemaking session can be erotic or slow. Sex is one of the physical activities which ca...
Experience Pain After Making Love 110412 Aid
Yoga for good sex
It's long been known that yoga is good for your body. But is it good for your sex life? Definitely it is. Read more to explore it... Yoga is not just about the beautiful bod...
Yoga Lovemaking
Male G Spot
The Male 'G' Spot
Traditionally it is a man's job to make sure that his partner in love has a good time in bed, lately a lot is expected from the women as well. ...
Dos And Don'ts Of Sensual Biting
Make your love squirm with utmost sexual desire with the soft nibbles, and harsh bites, on the most sensual areas of lovemaking. Sensual biting is always a turn on as your b...
Sensual Biting Lovemaking
Lovemaking Tips Bathroom Intercourse
Nose Dive Into Sexual Pleasure In Bathroom
Love and romance knows no barriers, so is lovemaking. Whether in bedroom, on kitchen table or in the reading room, you can enjoy the mysterious pleasures of love. ...
Sexy Talk: The Verbal Lovemaking
Words are the ultimate erotic tools. They arouse and thrill on their own. Until very recently, most "experts" on the art of making love have ignored, underplayed or underest...
Verbal Lovemaking Sexual Life
Priligy Pills For Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest reasons for unsatisfied sexual life and this is also one of the major reasons for a failed marriage. If the first line has depres...
Priligy Pills Ejaculation
Victorian Women Lovemaking
Sexual Life In The Victorian Age
A long-forgotten sex survey, has now been unveiled to reveal the sexual life's of the 19th Century Victorian women. The study, laid unread for decades at Stanford University...

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