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Sexual Life

Before Having Sex With Ex
When you are dating, you get physically close with your partner. If it is true love, you really feel great while having sex or making out with your partner. But, after break up, you really miss your active sex life. It ...
Rules Sex With Ex
Pros Cons Move In Together
Pros & Cons Of Moving In Together
In a friends with benefits relationship? Well, you can move in together or just meet when you two wish to have sex! Ideally, in a friends with benefits relationship, sex becomes a need for couples. In short, the couple or friends ...
Pain That You Experience After Sex
Sex can be sensitive or wild, depending on the fire and passion between the two. The lovemaking session can be erotic or slow. Sex is one of the physical activities which can give you pain, bruises, and love marks. While some ...
Experience Pain After Making Love 110412 Aid
Why Women Make Love 030412 Aid
Why Women Have Sex? Reasons Behind Making Love!
Why do you have sex? It is a simple yet straight question! What can be the answers? You have sex for fun, to relieve stress, enjoy pleasure and share an intimate time with your partner. For men, sex is always on ...
Sexual Behavior Of Different Sun Signs
Sexual interests, behaviours, and temperament of each person vary from one another. Astrologers imply the idea that there is a strong relation between one's sun sign and their sexual behaviours. It is not only the sun signs but also the place ...
Sexual Behavior Sun Sign
Fifa World Cup Sensual Life
FIFA World Cup Fever Can Raise Sexual Oomph!
The raging FIFA world cup fever can boost your sensual life says new reports!'Sin Chew Daily', a Singaporean report has a urologist as saying that men are likely to secrete more testosterone and adrenaline when the matches are intense.The report ...
'Do It' To Tickle Your Happy Hormone
The believe that a steamy sexual session can curb fats have been declared as myth by health experts. "You're not going to get the same [physical health] benefit as going out for a 2-mile jog. Sexual activity provides some degree of ...
Sexual Activity Benefits
What Women Think Sexual
What Women Think Between The Sheets?
A Hollywood hunk, ex-lovers, blue film scene and items in the grocery store are the things which women think of while having sex. Even the sexiest women can get thoughtful between the sheets. Some women reveal that every thing which ...
Priligy Pills For Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest reasons for unsatisfied sexual life and this is also one of the major reasons for a failed marriage. If the first line has depressed you then the next would be the healer. The first ...
Priligy Pills Ejaculation
Chocolate Women Sexual Life
Role Of Chocolate In Sexual Life
Chocolate has always had a strong association with sexual life but now it seems to have taken over the sexual feeling among women. A study reveals that a third of women dream about chocolate during the day in comparison to only ...
Sexual Life In The Victorian Age
A long-forgotten sex survey, has now been unveiled to reveal the sexual life's of the 19th Century Victorian women. The study, laid unread for decades at Stanford University, where the researcher, Dr. Clelia Duel Mosher, worked.It reports that women of that ...
Victorian Women Lovemaking
Cleanliness Sexual Life
Keep Clean For Better Lovemaking
You may have heard, cleanliness is next to godliness but a new study reports that cleanliness leads to better sexual life. A new study claims, couples who enjoy cleaning the house have more sex. Dr Constance Gager, revealed that, before carrying ...
Treatment For Women With Low Libido
Low sexual desire is a major problem women bring to the sex therapists. Psychologists say that a low-cost, risk-free psychological treatment for women with low sexual desire can be more effective. They say that it can also be a better ...
Women Low Libido Treatment
Active Love Life
Healthy And Wealthy Sexual Life
Health plays a very important role in a person's sex life. A research tells that healthy individuals are almost twice as likely to be interested in sex compared to those in poor health, says a new study.The research reveals that at ...

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