Before Having Sex With Ex

When you are dating, you get physically close with your partner. If it is true love, you really feel great while having sex or making out with your partner. But, after break up, you really miss your active sex life. It is almost like you have taken a break from sex life. In the first few days, you might feel great for taking a break from physical intimacy. But, after a few weeks, frustration will start taking over (if you are still single). When you get used to sex, putting it on pause can be irritating in the long run. Even if you were serious or not, the sexual life can tempt you to think about your ex and certainly, you will miss your sex life with him/her.

When such frustration increases, you either go for some alternative or in worst cases, decide to go back to your ex just for sex. Here are few tips to remember if you are going to have sex with your ex.

Before Having Sex With Ex

Rules to follow before having sex with ex:

Be clear: It is very important to be clear with your intentions. Discuss with him/her and tell that you only want to have a sex relationship with her. You can cite few examples of movies like Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached. These examples can make your ex understand your intentions more clearly and easily.

See the reactions: After discussing and confessing your intentions behind getting back in contact with your ex, make sure you observe the reactions of your ex. If the response is positive, you can carry forward or else, try some other chick or dude to enjoy pleasure in bed!

Only sex: This is an important rule that you should follow if you are going to have sex with your ex. Only meet each other when you two need sex. This will prevent extra thoughts from popping into the mind. There will be no expectations; just sex!!!! You two will be safe and chances of getting back again after the break is very minimal.

Be comfortable: I understand that sleeping with your ex can revive your memories and feelings. However, if you have moved on, it won't be difficult. You both are just using each other to enjoy pleasure and satisfy oneself. Think this and follow the rule.

These are few rules or rather tips that you should follow if you are planning to have sex with your ex.

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