Pain That You Experience After Sex

Pain That Experience After Sex
Sex can be sensitive or wild, depending on the fire and passion between the two. The lovemaking session can be erotic or slow. Sex is one of the physical activities which can give you pain, bruises, and love marks. While some are excited when it comes to love bites, there are others who avoid getting those red marks on their private areas.

Few pains which you experience after sex:

Love bite: We understand you long for a love bite when you are having sex, but the pain this human bite gives can be really hurtful. A sexual love bite wound can look red for days or even a week. Mouth has different types of bacteria which can be infectious. If the red swollen love bite discharges pus, then don't hesitate to consult a doctor. You might require antibiotics after making wild love!

Fingernail scratches: Many of us like to scratch our partner's back while having sex. It is a sign of eroticism for women. Small scratches can be cured by using a body lotion or moisturizer. If the fingernail scratch bleeds then apply the affected area of your skin with honey or aloe vera.

Thigh cramp: Sex is an exercise. While making love couples get involved in the physical activity where are muscles stretched and pushed. During sex, thigh, abdomen, pelvic and arm muscles are overused. After the long session, you can experience an upper thigh or leg cramp. This pain can even make it difficult for you to stand. The only cure to it is to relax or stretch muscles. This 30-45 minutes session is a long exercise for the thigh muscles. Divide the task between the two so that both have equal contribution to the force.

Sore penis: Too much of sex can lead to a sore penis. Multiple sexual sessions in a night puts too much pressure on your penis. If the penis starts paining on touch or is swollen, avoid rubbing it for 2-3 days. Too much of pressure on penis can also lead to penile fracture. Apply ice and take a break from sex!

Although sex can give you pleasure, it can also give you some pain for next few days! So, be extra careful while making love.

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