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Pain That You Experience After Sex
Sex can be sensitive or wild, depending on the fire and passion between the two. The lovemaking session can be erotic or slow. Sex is one of the physical activities which can give you pain, bruises, and love marks. While some ...
Experience Pain After Making Love 110412 Aid
Signs Woman Horny Excited Make Love 211211 Aid
How To Know That The Woman Is Horny?
How to know that a woman is excited? Is it through the closeness or the dirty talks? Well, you can use her signs and gestures to know if the woman is horny or not. Here are the signs to know that ...
Sexual Behavior Of Different Sun Signs
Sexual interests, behaviours, and temperament of each person vary from one another. Astrologers imply the idea that there is a strong relation between one's sun sign and their sexual behaviours. It is not only the sun signs but also the place ...
Sexual Behavior Sun Sign
Virginity Loss Erotic Pleasure New Book
How to Lose Your Virginity? A US Window Washer Writes!
A new book presents erotic pleasure of strangers and lose of virginity by a professional window washer.He is Shawn Wickens, 34, of Sunnyside, who went around 12,000 miles in 36 cities, in order to convey to people and help in ...
Brit Women Self Sexual Pleasure
Brit Women Like Self Pleasure
British women are passionate about pleasuring themselves. According to the latest UK survey, women's practices and attitude towards life have changed since the past few decades and now women take it on themselves for solo action. ...
Women Most Sensuous At 34
'Wine and women get better with age', and rightly so. According to a new UK survey, women feel the sexiest is 34. The poll, which was commissioned by moisturiser brand Astral, also found that middle-aged women have half as ...
Women Over 30 Lovemaking
Cosmic Lovemaking
Lovemaking in space is inevitable
With US agency NASA and several other countries planning more and more space missions, scientists have started to debate on the possibility of cosmic sex. ...
Oz women have slept with six or more by 25!
A third of Australian women admitted to have slept with six or more men by the age of 25 in a national survey. The survey also showed that one in 10 Australian women in their late 20s ...
Sexual Facts Pregnancy
STDs double in over-45s
A new study has revealed that the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among people aged 45 years and above have increased two-fold in less than a decade. ...
Sexually Transmitted Infections

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