Six Lovemaking Myths Busted

Six Lovemaking Myths Busted
Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, founder of the Sexuality Source Inc has debunked six common sexual myths. Also a sex educator and relationship expert, Fulbright observes that in spite of growing awareness, people continue to remain sexually misinformed.

Busting the first myth that Viagra is 100 percent affective, the doctor stated that men need to have the desire component to become sexually aroused and attain erection.

Second myth is that presence of a Hymen proves that a girl is a virgin and it is broken if she has encountered intercourse. Fulbright said that girls are born with Hymen of various sizes and shapes, there are chances that a female might not have a Hymen at all. However, there remain substantial chances that the Hymen might be ruptured due to physical activities like bicycling, horse riding.

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The next myth to be proved wrong was that withdrawal is a good birth control measure. According to Dr. Yvonne, pregnancy could occur any time unprotected sex was had, whether or not a male had climaxed. He also went on to claim that withdrawal is not recommended for inexperienced men.

The other misinformation was the fact that oral sex did not lead to sexually transmitted diseases, as women can't get pregnant if you aren't ovulating, the expert said that it was not true.

The last on the list was the myth that the contraceptive pills protected you from STD, to which Dr. Yvonne told that, it only protected women against unwanted pregnancy. Condom is actually a protection against STD.

Six common lovemaking myths are:

1.Myth: Viagra is 100 Percent Effective
2. Myth: A Virgin's Hymen Always Breaks
3. Myth: Withdrawal = Good Birth Control
4. Myth: Oral Lovemaking is Safe Lovemaking
5. Myth: You Can't Get Pregnant if You Aren't Ovulating
6. Myth: The Pill Protects Against STDs. AGENCIES

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Story first published: Friday, January 23, 2009, 11:58 [IST]

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