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Can Exercise Break The Hymen?
Keeping the virginity is a big treasure for many. For few it is not a big deal to lose the virginity! Many couples decide to break their virginity on their wedding night. This is more common among women. Many women feel ...
Can Exercise Break Hymen 100412 Aid
Girls Losing Virginity Stories
Top 3 Stories Of Girls Losing Virginity!
Men may forget exactly how they lost their virginity but girls, not a chance. Girls never let go of the most intricate details of making love for the first time. Even in this day and age everybody is obsessed with the ...
Does Intact Hymen Prove A Woman Virgin?
Can you know if your woman is a virgin? In earlier days, intact hymen used to be the symbol of a woman's virginity. But in today's generation, women are involved in physical activities like cycling and stretching exercises which loosens their ...
Intact Hymen Virgin Woman Penetration
Sleeping With Virgin Disadvantages
Reasons To Avoid Sleeping With A Virgin!
Sleeping with virgins has always been a favourite for many men. It might be like a fantasy come true for many men. Thinking about and lusting about the pleasure they'll have while making love to a virgin, might be very tempting ...
Losing Virginity Is Cool Or Not - Part 1
What does virginity mean to you? It is different thing for women of different ages. Few treasure it whereas few resent it and in some cases, few want it back! So, what exactly does this hymen mean to you?Lovemaking is no ...
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Losing Virginity 200711 Aid
Losing Virginity Is Cool Or Not - Part 2
Losing virginity is both exciting and sad. What comes to your mind when you think about virginity? At what age should I lose my virginity? Is it safe to lose it before marriage or should I keep it as an asset ...
Technical Virginity Sexuality
Virginity Vs Technical Virginity
A well decorated room. Jasmine garlands hang down from the top of the bed. The groom is waiting with traditional attires, for the bride to come. ...
'Technical Virginity' Amongst Teenagers Is A Myth
The concept of 'technical virginity' amongst teenagers is not as common as believed. In fact, a new survey has revealed that teenagers do not opt for oral sex as a way to preserve their virginity. ...
Technical Virginity Virginity Myths

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