Reasons To Avoid Sleeping With A Virgin!

Sleeping With Virgin
Sleeping with virgins has always been a favourite for many men. It might be like a fantasy come true for many men. Thinking about and lusting about the pleasure they'll have while making love to a virgin, might be very tempting to many men.

However, there are a few disadvantages in making love to a virgin. Let's check out a few;

1.The first reason to avoid making love to a virgin, is the lack of experience the girl possesses. Lack of experience might lead to many awkward moment in your lovemaking session. You'll have to play the role of a tutor and not that of a wild bull on heat, as she needs to be treated gently. Seducing a virgin is not as easy as one things.

2.It might actually require the guy to put all his knowledge of seduction into practice, before he get's his lady into the act of first time lovemaking. It can be really frustrating too, if she does not give in, leaving him absolutely high and dry.

3.The girl might actually react in the most awkward manner when you are probably entering her or even worse, just when you are on your high. This would be absolutely disheartening and might even lead to the girl not agreeing to go to bed with you again.

4.Some virgins might experience pain or might even bleed during the lovemaking session. If your girl has no information about the discomforts caused during a session, it might shock her and she might resort to crying. The last thing you would expect after all the trouble you have taken. And imagine the mess your bed might be in after the session. You definitely would not want to clean it up!

5.She might express too much shyness when it comes to undressing or exploring her body. This too can be a huge turn off, specially if you have been fantasizing about this intimate bedroom act from quite some time.

6.If you are not looking for a permanent relationship, sleeping with your virgin girlfriend might not be a good idea after all! She might actually cling on to you, as you are 'THE' one who has deflowered her and showed her the path of love. So beware!

These are some of the disadvantages to sleeping with a virgin. If you still want to get on with the act of lovemaking with a virgin, then prepare yourself well to face - emotional questions, crying bouts, cleaning sessions and much more.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 15:18 [IST]

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