Top 3 Stories Of Girls Losing Virginity!

Losing Virginity
Men may forget exactly how they lost their virginity but girls, not a chance. Girls never let go of the most intricate details of making love for the first time. Even in this day and age everybody is obsessed with the whole idea of virginity. Call it purity or excitement of the first time but virginity stories do come with their own aura. That is why girls losing virginity is such a big deal even today. You can take it as a part of your cultural upbringing or the emotional effect of a girl's first brush with womanhood. Either ways virginity stories are told and repeated many times.

Here are the most common stories of girls losing their virginity. .

Virginity Stories: Situation In Which Girls Lose Virginity

These virginity stories begin something like this and end with girls losing their virginity.

1. After the prom night when I and my partner were crowed Prom King and Prom Queen we had our first close dance. It was such a big deal to even try and get permission to come to Prom night and to be crowned was just too good to be true. We looked into each others eyes while holding each other close with all the innocence of youth. Then I remembered how I was anxious that he won't ever ask me out before the prom. Finally all the excitement of the past few weeks reached a climax when we were alone in the college gym time..

2. I was on my dream date with a guy I have been eying since 7th grade and he finally asked me out after all these years. He treated me like a princess with all the chivalry and courtesy, pulling up chairs for me, holding the door open. I kept thinking that I will wake from a particularly pleasurable dream. Suddenly it started pouring down very heavily. We both ran into the car but were already drenched. Then in the warmth of the closed car I lost my virginity to the guy I always wanted.

3. It was the last day of college and my heart was heavy with the weight of unspoken farewells. All we friends will be breaking up from tomorrow. That thought was disturbing and so was the fact I won't be seeing my boyfriend who was my classmate, so regularly now. He asked me to come up to his place after college. I agreed because I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. There was nobody at his house but it was decorated with red ribbons and heart shaped balloons. He dimmed the lights and told me that he had got a job. Then he presented me with his mother's ring to propose marriage. In the pure joy of the moment was our first time..

These incidences of girls losing virginity may be common but they hold a special place in all our hearts .

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Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2011, 17:19 [IST]

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