Virginity Vs Technical Virginity

Virginity Vs Technical Virginity

A well decorated room. Jasmine garlands hang down from the top of the bed. The groom is waiting with traditional attires, for the bride to come. Killing his anxious, bit nervous moments there approaches the bride, bit shy, among the teasing words and hiding smiles of the friends. The bedroom door closes behind her. The next day morning there remain, along with the crushed buds, few drops of blood, the symbol of virginity.

It is the typical image any girl should had few decades back about loosing the virginity, at least the way it had been conceptualized in the movies. Virginity was just virginity and only virginity until the recent decade. But today the concept of virginity has acquired a different realm of meaning and a new term has emerged to explain it, technical virginity.

Now, let us see, what is virginity and what is technical virginity. Virginity has always been a word which indicates a state of being an 'un-kissed flower'. But today un-kissed 'flowers' are rare to see and every 'flower' living in a modern society wishes to be kissed by romantic honeybees. Thus the term technical virginity was the need of the time. The word technical virginity could be defined as a state of life with no sexual intercourse experience at all, but experienced in all other aspects of physical pleasure. A technically virgin may have experienced oral sex, anal sex and all sort of pleasure except for vaginal intercourse. And the word 'virgin' means a person with no physical contacts of any kind with the opposite sex.

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In the modern society the chances of loosing virginity for both the sexes are rated high and the opportunities arrive at you at tender ages itself. The mental and sexual growth is much faster in the new generation compared with the older ones. Children start recognizing the sexuality of each sex even before he/she becomes sexually active. They are also exposed into a world full of sexual activities and symbols. In such a lifestyle, technical virginity replaces the concept and meaning of the word 'virginity', and the word 'virginity', sounds absurd, irrelevant and even impossible for most of the young generation minds.

Today sex is not what it has been in the previous centuries. Sexual activities were limited to marital relationships and was the bonding factor among married couples. Sexuality had knitted husband and wife together to lead a happy and successful family life. But now the view points have changed a lot. Sexual activities are even seen as a medium to enhance friendship between opposite sexes.

It's been told that in the ancient times princes used to marry only the girls who are virgin. But in the changed circumstances today, even if you are a prince, you may not find a virgin, but of course, technical virgins could be found a lot, even though it contrasts the concept of virginity.

Story first published: Monday, May 26, 2008, 14:43 [IST]

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