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Facts About Boobs! The Last One Will Blow Your Mind!
Big or small, it doesn't matter. All men like breasts. In fact, the most thrilling moment of a man's life is when he gets the chance to see and touch his partner's breasts for the first time. When a man hugs ...
Interesting Facts About Boobs
Tongue Kiss Men
Why Men Like Wet Kisses
Researchers have finally concluded as to why men like wet kisses. According to the study men are looking for more than just passion when kissing. They are looking for the le...
Enlarge Your Organ For Extreme Pleasure
Does size matter? The question has been echoing in the minds of guys from the very day they human beings developed the ability of enjoying sexual pleasure in the human w...
Enlargement Lovemaking Tips
Human Sexuality Multiple Orgasms
Multiply The Pleasure With Multiple Orgasms
Why do human beings engage in sexual act and strive for it more than any animal on this planet. The only answer is that for human beings sexual act is not just procreation b...
Nose Dive Into Sexual Pleasure In Bathroom
Love and romance knows no barriers, so is lovemaking. Whether in bedroom, on kitchen table or in the reading room, you can enjoy the mysterious pleasures of love. ...
Lovemaking Tips Bathroom Intercourse
Evolution Egg Sperms
The Evolution Of Eggs And Sperm
Have you ever wondered why most sexually reproducing organisms have two contrasting sex cells: big, immobile eggs in females and plenty of small motile sperms in men? Scient...
Sexual Life In The Victorian Age
A long-forgotten sex survey, has now been unveiled to reveal the sexual life's of the 19th Century Victorian women. The study, laid unread for decades at Stanford University...
Victorian Women Lovemaking
Bored Women Intercourse
Bored? Women Turn To Lovemaking!
The one who said sex is all about love, certainly has been long proved wrong, but astonishingly it is not just about lust as well, its because women are bored that's why the...
Lovemaking Shown On A Train Model
In a rather disgusting display of creativity, the British toy train makers have emerged with a train model with a couple shown having intercourse on the tracks. The movement...
Lovemaking Train Model
Sense of humour may get you women in bed
Brit blokes' sense of humour sure makes them go places. According to a new survey, the fellas are the best in Europe at getting girls into bed because they make them la...
Humour Sense Sexual Affairs

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