Kick Butt To Cure Dysfunction In Bed

Stop smoking

The biggest challenge for a man is his performance in bed. Lately the problem of 'erectile dysfunction' has grown to be a major issue in lovemaking. However, Temple urologist Jack Mydlo offers three very simple methods to get back to action with out the little 'blue pill'.

Men do not need to visit a doctor or a drug store, they just need to kick the butt. After diabetes and high blood pressure, it is the cigarette smoking that is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. "The number one thing we can do to stop erectile dysfunction is to stop smoking. It's the number one environmental cause of ED in our society," said Mydlo.

Cigarette smoking blocks the blood flow to the male organ, even after quitting the habit it takes about 12 to 24 months to get back to normal functioning. The men with high cholesterol level had a double risk of ED. "Men with a cholesterol level of 240 or higher have almost a twofold increase of ED compared to a man who has lower cholesterol numbers," said Mydlo.

Increased levels of cholesterol lead to plaque development in tubes of the arteries that eventually reduce blood flow. Obesity not only reduces the man's self-esteem but also their performance in bed. "Adipose tissue in body fat converts testosterone to estrogen, and lower levels of testosterone can make it difficult for a man to achieve an erection, no matter how many pills they take," said Mydlo.

Healthy weight loss will improve the testosterone to estrogen ratio. This not only improves libido but also erection and eventually decreases cholesterol which leads to an improved blood flow.AGENCIES

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