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'Do It' To Tickle Your Happy Hormone
The believe that a steamy sexual session can curb fats have been declared as myth by health experts. "You're not going to get the same [physical health] benefit as going out for a 2-mile jog. Sexual activity provides some degree of ...
Sexual Activity Benefits
Erectile Dysfunction Smoking
Kick Butt To Cure Dysfunction In Bed
The biggest challenge for a man is his performance in bed. Lately the problem of 'erectile dysfunction' has grown to be a major issue in lovemaking. However, Temple urologist Jack Mydlo offers three very simple methods to get back ...
Gardening Reduces Impotency In Men
Switch to gardening if you wish to improve your sexual life. A new study has revealed that the male sex-drive can be increased by simple activities like gentle weeding, digging and mowing About 30 minutes of gardening can reduce impotency ...
Gardening Male Impotency
New Year Resolutions Sexual Health
New Year Resolutions Good For sexual Health
Stick to your New Year resolution if you wish for a better sexual health. Researchers have found out that popular pledges help improve urologic or sexual health. The erectile dysfunction can be cured for those men who have ...
Extra kilos make women make love in the dark
It's not coyness that makes women switch off lights before sex, but it's the extra kilos that put them off from being too enthusiastic about bedroom activities, reveals a new survey. ...
Lovemaking Facts Extra Weight
Lovemaking Workouts
Spice Up Sexual Life With Easy Workouts
A recent study states that few hours of exercise will not just help in maintaining muscle and loosing fat, but it can also revitalize your sexual life. ...

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