Does Intact Hymen Prove A Woman Virgin?

Intact Hymen Woman
Can you know if your woman is a virgin? In earlier days, intact hymen used to be the symbol of a woman's virginity. But in today's generation, women are involved in physical activities like cycling and stretching exercises which loosens their hymen. Therefore, men find it difficult to know if the woman is a virgin or not.

So how to check out the virginity of a woman? During the first penetration, if the hymen is intact, then little blood comes out. If the women is involved in sports or is an athlete, her chances of having an intact hymen is very low. Women involved in sports activities have less or no intact hymen. This is mainly due to stretching which breaks the hymen.

Breasts of virgin are round in shape, hemispherical, firm in consistency with a underdeveloped nipple surrounded by pink color known as areola in a fair lady, in dark lady it may be black to brown.

During the lovemaking session, a man tries to use his finger first to deflower the girl. Even deflowering is painful. To know if the girl has a tight hymen, try to deflower her. Little blood secretes when the hymen breaks. Very few women have very thin hymens which have very few blood vessels so when they tear, there is no blood. This is also a reason why men find it difficult to know if the girl has an intact hymen or not.

However, in the first penetration, the girl is prone to cry or moan out of pain which is also a sign to know if the girl is not deflowered. If the girl doesn't react much during the penetration then masturbation can be a reason behind the broken hymen. Many girls masturbate due to which the hymen breaks.

Even the man can be wrong during the intercourse specially if the first penetration is not deep or the penis is small. Just the walking style, reaction before the intercourse and the fear in the woman's mind doesn't judge her virginity. Don't doubt your women if she doesn't bleed or her hymen doesn't break. These are just ways to know virginity which is not applicable to all women.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 16:15 [IST]

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