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Saneesh Michael

Sponge Birth Control
There are so many methods of birth control like condoms, pills, surgeries etc. . . And the latest entry in the list of birth control options is contraceptive sponge, which is proved to be 90% effective when it comes to the result. ...
Contraceptive Sponge
Technical Virginity Sexuality
Virginity Vs Technical Virginity
A well decorated room. Jasmine garlands hang down from the top of the bed. The groom is waiting with traditional attires, for the bride to come. ...
Enlarge Your Organ For Extreme Pleasure
Does size matter? The question has been echoing in the minds of guys from the very day they human beings developed the ability of enjoying sexual pleasure in the human way. ...
Enlargement Lovemaking Tips
Be Stronger To Stay Longer
Do you wind up the process in bed even before the clock ticks 60 pulses? Do you have trouble lasting longer than a minute in bed? Do you feel your sexual activities do not last longer enough to make your partner feel you within her and also longer enough to stimulate her to a pleasurable orgasm? Maybe you are not able to hold long enough. ...
Lovemaking Tips Sexual Intercourse
Male Erection Lovemaking Tips
Do Women Love A Large Male 'Organ'?
No doubt about the fact that they do! While platonic love does exist, the physical desires and their fulfillment play an important role in any relationship. ...
The Art of Sensuous Touching
<p>“We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth."</p> <div>Virginia Satir (American Author and Psychologist)</div> <p><br /><br /> The world revolves around romance, and in a ...
Touching Art Sexual Stimulation
Lovemaking Kissing Tips
How A Man's Kiss Affects A Woman
Sexual activity begins with a kiss, may be on lips, neck, cheek or anywhere else. Kiss has immense value in any relationship. If a man is very attracted to a woman but discovers she is a bad or mediocre kisser, he ...
Women Are Responsible For Own Orgasms
Her heart beats faster and faster, the breathing quickened, various muscles all over the body is tightened, her face, neck and chest become reddish and... and at an unpredictable moment she busts out in to the extreme pleasure. This is nothing ...
Lovemaking Tips Female Orgasm
Raped Women Rape Fantasies
Do women Desire Forced Lovemaking?
There is a common myth that women secretly loves to be raped, even though facts and instances prove the other way. The word itself proves it an unwanted action. To go further deep into the concern, let us see the common ...
Rabbit Vibrators To Stimulate You!
There are number of sexual toys commonly used by people to enjoy the physical pleasures to the extreme with no partners but using certain specially made equipments. ...
Sexual Toys Rabbit Vibrators
Sexual Myths Male Sexuality
Myths And Facts About Physical Pleasure
Sexuality is the realm of human life that is mistaken and misunderstood than any other aspect of life. There are several common myths that affect male sexuality, most noticeably. It is astonishing that even in the modern era where intellectual explosion ...
Sexuality In Sculptures
Art has been the prominent form of expression from the very pre-historic period. Paintings, wordings, sculptures etc. ...
Sexual Sculptures Sexual Symbols

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