His Erogenous Zones

"Sex is an emotion in motion"


'Mae West' an American actress.


While making love men often complain that women lie as a dead starfish while they play out every technique to please their partner. Get into action girls! Explore his erogenous zones. Don't be bashful to take the lead and control. Your very touch on his body can make him shiver for more. He will surely love you for this.


There are many erogenous zones in men. However they may differ from person to person. Here are some of the most common ones. Enlighten yourself and see the bliss tonight.

His Hair
The scalp and hair area though neglected most of the time, is a great erogenous zones to target. Head games are the great preliminaries for fabulous sex. Gentle scalp massage in shower will ease his tension or arouse him the very moment. This action will bridge to desire and make him anticipate for more.

Men with short or shaved hair love to have back of their heads stroked or kissed or licked or nibbled gently. When he cries or gestures for more pull his hair back gently as you kiss him. As the passion builds, pull his hair a little harder to show him you're in control. Men love to be in control at this moment though they may be bossing around you the whole day.

His Ear
Ear is highly sensitive to touch. The delicate area in and around the ear is full of nerve endings. Explore behind his ears with your tongue softly. Enact your mastered art of kissing, licking and sucking on the edge of his ears. Nibble his earlobes but make sure not to make him squeal with pain. It will be a sure hurdle for your next move.


Just the sound of your heavy breathing and moan is a huge turn on for men. So, don't feel shy about making any noise especially near his left ear. You can even run a commentary in a style of playful tease. Whisper in the sweetest voice where your hands or mouth is moving next to increase his sexual anticipation.


His lips
Lips of men are as sensitive as women's. Don't just experiment by the same old mastered methods. Dig in deep and wide, hard and soft. Get creative introduce the choicest fruits and chocolates.

Men go wild when their lower lips are sucked and bitten. To intense the pleasure suck on an ice cube and lick the edges of his tongue. Remember men's massive turn on is the sense of desire and hunger that is in store in you. So let the inbound desire explode. Tell him you crave for his every move and lead him to your hot zones to double the pleasure.

His Neck
The neck and collarbone area is a major hot zone with lot of nerve endings. To rough of biting and kissing can leave hickies in this area, as it is more prone to broken blood vessels. So be alarmed if you don't want others to know what happened last night. Run your fingers smoothly along the edges of his collarbone. Long licks along the edges of this area while remind him that you will be due south soon.

The back of the neck is very sensitive to arousal too. When you're short of time or when he is rushing for work, just get over his back and kiss or nibble this area gently. This leaves the message that you want him know but at the same time you are ready to wait until dark. So honey come back soon.

Story first published: Friday, March 23, 2007, 17:27 [IST]

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