Her Erogenous Zones Can Make Your Night Wild

Erogenous Zones
In love making you have to get down and dirty. If your love life is reaching the state of ruins , then its time to wake up and learn a few techniques. For men out there , take your wife or your girlfriend on a trip that she will not forget, after this she will only keep wanting for more.

Gentlemen! If you want to get your girl moaning for real instead of faking it, you're going to have to put a bit of work in. Firstly, a male can achieve orgasm within 2 - 3 minutes when stimulated by another partner. Where as a female can take up to 15 minutes to climax.
You have to stimulate her using body and foreplay and not just pure intercourse.

Here are the top five Erogenous zones of a woman, places when touched will drive her madly insane wanting for you to 'never' stop making love to her:-

  1. The Neck- The female neck is one of the most sensitive areas of her body. Softly kissing her on her neck and licking her in circles will surely send tingles down her spine. Peck your kisses gently on her shoulders as well, this will leave her panting and breathing heavily.
  2. Ear lobes- Fondling with the ear lobes can be ticklish for a few of the women,but some truly adore it. If you suck gently on her ear lobes, she will feel the warmth of your breath which will keep her in high ecstasy. As you do that , whisper sweet words in to her ears. Close facial contact is what she like , so if your tired about kissing for the time being, her ears are the best way to go.
  3. Her Nipples-When you usually pass through the first two stages, the females nipples become hard and erect. Stimulate her breast , using your tongue. Make sure that you pay attention to both of her breasts. Kiss her cleavage and work between them. Playing and teasing them with your hands and tongue will also help her get excited.
  4. The belly Button- This is another area where a woman is bound to feel strong urges down her spine. Working your way down her belly by kissing and sucking it will cause vibrations through her reproductive area and stimulate her G-spot.
  5. The G-spot- This may be hard to find, if she has already found her g-spot ask her to lead you to it. If you must know not all women have a G-spot, so don't get alarmed if she doesn't have it. The G-spot can be found on the roof of the vagina. Stimulate her , by using your tongue and your finger too , but not at the same time. You should keep in mind that while you make her feel like heaven in this area , she will loose control of her limbs and might even kneed you in the face, so don't be surprised.

In conclusion you will see that a true female orgasm involves the stimulation of her whole body and not just that of a simple penetration.
This will help you be more confident in not just having sex , but having a more intimate love making session.

Story first published: Friday, July 23, 2010, 15:24 [IST]

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