Great Sex Is Due To Foreplay

Many couples believe that to have great sex, they need to the surf Internet, watch porn and read books. These ideas can help you perform better in bed. Did you know that great sex is only due to great foreplay. So, instead of stressing more on the pushing effort, try to use your hands to caress your partner and enjoy sex.

So, now do not just think about wearing sexy lingerie and trying new sex positions. There is something that is equally special and important, foreplay!

Great Sex Is Due To Foreplay

Why foreplay is important?

Foreplay is the time when you heighten the excitement of your partner. During foreplay, you can explore the hidden sensuous zones of your partner's body and indulge in some tricks to increase their sex drive. Both men and women love foreplay because it gives them an easy opportunity to reach climax.

How to increase foreplay?

Instead of focusing on pure sex, try to spend more time on foreplay. The more excited you are, the wilder sex you will have with your partner. Do not hit the g spot or attack the groin of your partner. Try to be soft, slow yet highly effective in raising the sexual mood of each other.

Include some props?

Yes! It is good to include few props during foreplay. After few weeks or months, same foreplay tactic where the man licks and the woman sucks becomes really boring. You can include some props like stole, handcuffs, an eye fold, body oil (for a sexy body massage) and a stand (for striptease) to name a few. These props can make your foreplay session more exciting and erotic.

Masturbate in front of him

Nothing can be a bigger turn on for men than seeing a woman masturbating in front of him. Use your sexy moves, your gestures and actions to excite your man in bed.

It is very important to indulge in foreplay. As mentioned earlier, great sex is because of great foreplay. If you directly have sex without foreplay, the session will not be thrilling or exciting. Make sure you have more foreplay to arouse the sexual mood and desire of your partner.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 13, 2012, 18:30 [IST]
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