Ways To Increase Lubrication Naturally!

Increase Lubrication
Lubrication alters your mood by making it easier to penetrate. Every woman lubricates and the discharge increases when she is sexually excited. Dry vagina can make it difficult to have an intercourse. Moreover, it is painful and can cause infectious. So, it is important to have good amount of discharge while having sex.

Even after arousing her mood, sometimes she does not lubricate at all. Dry vagina makes it impossible to enjoy sex. Therefore, try these natural ways to increase lubrication for pleasurable sex without pain.

5 natural ways to increase lubrication:

Drink water: Dehydration is also a reason behind having a dry vagina. To prevent dryness, drink lots of water. Dehydration burns the vagina and can worsen the situation. So, drink atlest 8-10 glasses of water regularly.

Increase foreplay: It is important to make sure that your woman is sexually excited. When a woman is aroused she will lubricate naturally. To increase her libido you need to work hard on foreplay. Women love foreplay, so use it as a way to improve her lubrication naturally.

During ovulation: When a woman ovulates, the discharge increases. The amount of discharge depends from person to person. However, during ovulation, the white discharge makes it easy to enjoy sex. Be careful while making love! Ovulation is the time when you are more likely to conceive. If you do not want to be pregnant then make sure you are taking necessary precautions.

Use lube: This is the most common option for women. To increase their lubrication, many women use lubes which are available at drug stores. If you are thinking of using lubes then make sure they do not contain sugar. Sugar can lead to yeast infections.

Include aphrodisiacs: Lubrication decreases due to less secretion of estrogen. After menopause, most of the women fail to lubricate even after being aroused. So, include aphrodisiacs in your diet to increase the estrogen levels. Soy products, salmon fish, wine, strawberries, asparagus and chocolates increase estrogen naturally leading to improved lubrication.

Try these natural ways to increase your lubrication for a painless sex. If your vagina or inner tract burns, wash that area immediately. If the inflammation doesn't reduce then consult your doctor.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 16:01 [IST]

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