Kamasutra Methods To Embrace Your Lover

Kamasutra Methods To Embrace Your Lover

The ancient text on love and lovemaking demands that the lovers must know 64 methods of lovemaking techniques. Out of these lovemaking techniques 8 are dedicated to sensual ways of embracing your lover. Vatsyayana's celebrated Kamasutra lists out four more additional ways to embrace your sexual partner. Let us explore the diverse art of sensual pleasure through embraces.

Touch your partner
This is the most mild way of embracing your lover. When your partner approach you at a busy or unaccessible place, let your body or hands brush against him/her. This will heat your blood for a moment and you will realize the burning passion for each other.

Are you shocked to read that stabbing is a method of embrace? Relax! We are talking about sensual stabbing here. As you have to stand behind your partner or leaning to get something next to your partner, stab him/her. However the equipments for stabbing here must be your personal physical assets.

This must be the embrace that majority of the lovers are familiar with. When you enjoy some serene moments in each other's company, let your hands slip into each other's body curves. This delicate caress will lead to more ecstatic moments very soon.

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Squeeze out the pleasure
You naughty boys and girls have already tried this unique embrace. You must have pressed your lover in a doorway or in a lift and must have leaned your body against him/her. If you had forgotten to explore each other's limbs at that time, try it now, to make the squeezing a perfect one.

Creep on to him
It is time to forget the feathery touches and advance into more seductive embraces. Twine your arms around your lover's neck and twist your leg around his thighs. You can also place your feet on your lover's and grasp his waist with your thighs. Grab his shoulders and bend his head for a kiss. Now, pull back a little and ask him for a kiss with that seductive expression on your face. Your desires will be granted beyond imagination at this moment.

Lie down
Once you experience the sexual thrill, you may come to know that sensual embrace will be more effective while lying together. Let your thighs be interlaced and your sensual body parts press each other. Start caressing the limbs and curves of each other's body and pull the head together for a passionate kiss. This embrace can be advanced into more violent methods as oblivious to pain and as mixing milk and water.

Thigh embrace
Lie in each other's arms and trap your lover's thighs in between yours. Your muscles will start to soak with pleasure and you can pass the sensual thrill to your partner also.

Groin embrace
Let your thighs raise up in passion and start to bring together your personal assets. Drive your nails into each other and suck the pleasure from each other's lips.

Breast embrace
As the name suggests this unique embrace must be initiated by the lady love. Mount on your lover and let his broad chest take the warmth of your beautiful breasts. Be a little naughty and try to draw circles on his chest with your breasts. The breast embrace is a seductive massage that can give pleasure to both the partners.

Forehead embrace
It is time to relax after a stimulated sexual experience. Place your foreheads together, eye to eye, nose to nose and lip to lip while caressing each other's body. You may not have realized before that an embrace like this would change your sensual life forever.

Always remember that these methods are useful only when desire is intact. As the time progresses you may invent new embracing techniques that might have not mentioned in any texts. Let the relief take you into unimaginable zones of sexual pleasure.


Story first published: Friday, October 5, 2007, 17:47 [IST]

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