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Sitting Positions In Kamasutra
Lovemaking is not just about lying down and intertwining the bodies for many love makers. They make their physical union a memorable experience at each time through imagination and unique steps. ...
Kamasutra Lovemaking Sitting Position
Use of Fingernails in Lovemaking
There are numerous articles that talks about love of warm touch, soft whisper, erotic kiss and many more. But, do you know what role the fingernails play? If not, read the art of seduction and erotic lovemaking with ...
Fingernails Lovemaking
Difference between pornography and Kamasutra
Society may have the same frown on their face as they hear the words 'Pornography' and 'Kamasutra'. In contrary to the popular belief there is vast difference between the concepts of pornography and Kamasutra. This article is an attempt to draw ...
Rasa Lila of Lord Krishna and Radha
The talk about Love and Lovemaking remains incomplete if we do not talk about the mythological romance of Radha and Lord Krishna. They are the epitome of real Love and they symbolized lovemaking beyond any bounds and barriers. Lord Krishna spent ...
Rasa Lila Of Lord Krishna
Lovemaking Art
The Art of Lovemaking and Sex
Can you imagine that there can be 64 arts of kamasutra? So lets deal with the different arts of performing the art of sex and the sexual activities. The Kamasutra is a classic guide to lovemaking, reflecting the social and sexual ...

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