Difference between pornography and Kamasutra

Society may have the same frown on their face as they hear the words 'Pornography' and 'Kamasutra'. In contrary to the popular belief there is vast difference between the concepts of pornography and Kamasutra. This article is an attempt to draw the difference between pornography and Kamasutra as well to raise your understanding of sexual plays to a supreme level.

Kama Sutra originally known as Kamasutram is an ancient Indian standard work on human sexual behaviour written by sage Vatsyayana in the 4th century A.D. This book is essentially based on the spiritual aspect of Kama (lovemaking and desire) and has 36 chapters that show difference sex hints, positions and point of view. Kamasutra explains total 64 sexual positions and eight different ways of making love. Kamasutra refers to these sexual positions as arts and intercourse as "divine union".

Pornography is a business through art and writing to make people think about sexually explicit affairs. Pornography is also known as porno, erotica and porn. Most of the pornography is intended for men and is called soft porn or hard porn depending on the nudity or postures of the men and women in the pornographical instances. On the present day pornography has grown as a major business source such as internet pornography, pornographical films, pornographical stories, pornographical chat and online pornography.

The major difference between Kamasutra and pornography is that while pornography concentrates only on the sexual acts, Kamasutra aims at spiritual fulfillment through sexual acts. The major aestheticians of pornographical sources are the male folk whereas Kamasutra contains the sexual tactics for women to be practiced. In addition 80% of Kamasutra guides both men and women to lead a healthy relationship through sex. The Kama Sutra in fact has helped people enjoy the art of sex at a deeper level.

Most of the countries have claimed pornography as illegal since pornography often fills the mind of the spectators with desire for extra relationships. On the other hand Kamasutra instructs the partners to adhere to only one sexual partner. Pornography often fills the mind of its practicers with fantasy ideas that may even result in abnormal sexuality. This may even cause many partners to suffer during intercourse and spread the idea of "Sex is Sin" among people. However Kamasutra instructs that sex itself is not a sin, but doing it in a frivolous manner makes it sinful.

In a way a study of Kamasutra may remove the misconceptions and abnormalities about the divine art of lovemaking. It can be considered a technical guide to sexual enjoyment, as well as providing insight into the sexual mores and practices. If you have already enjoyed and struggling to find an outlet for your sensual pleasures, it is apt to know Kamasutra before heading to your partner for the final act.

Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2007, 12:08 [IST]

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