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Dhanyasree M

The New Realm Of Lovemaking Begins After Menopause
The word 'menopause' is the most dreaded one as we approach our middle age. As women reach the threshold of their middle age they often tend to deck up themselves to look younger ward off the dusk of their physical pleasures. ...
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Obesity Sexual Pleasure
Obesity and sexual pleasure
<p><p>There is an intrinsic relationship between marital success and sexual pleasure. A recent survey proved that fifty percent of the divorce cases in India owe a failure in sexual relationship. Here one of the major villains to hinder the sexual relationship ...
Difference between pornography and Kamasutra
Society may have the same frown on their face as they hear the words 'Pornography' and 'Kamasutra'. In contrary to the popular belief there is vast difference between the concepts of pornography and Kamasutra. This article is an attempt to draw ...
Sex Education for Disabled Children
Providing sex education to children with disabilities is acquiring more importance in today's world. Sex and sexuality are very tricky areas for parents to converse with children. The difficulty heightens if their children are disabled. Parents of many disabled children are ...
Adult Education
Lovemaking Heart
Sex And Your Heart
The question concerning the sexual activity and a healthy heart is very much popular. People who have experienced a heart attack will be more vigilant and concerned while involving in sexual activities. Many researches support as well as oppose the sexual ...

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