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Crack And Cocaine Behind High HIV Risk
Teens with a history of crack or cocaine are at an increased risk for HIV than youth who have never used these drugs, claims a new study.The study has been published in the April issue of the Journal of Child and ...
Cocain Hiv Risk
Online Dating Sexual Diseases
Online Partners Transmit Diseases
Popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been blamed for the rise in cases of sexually transmitted diseases. STD like Syphilis is on the rise as members opt for unprotected sex with the partners they meet over the Internet.Official ...
Sexual Relations Stats Sore High!
The statistics indicating how many men a women sleeps around with, is quite shocking. The number have remarkably gone up when compared to 1960s. On an average, today"s young women sleep with different partners three times more than the girls ...
Sexual Partners Health Risks
Food Sex Life
Avocados, Almonds, Strawberries To Enhance Sex Life
Avocados, almonds, strawberries, figs and seafood enhances sexual function and experience. Here are some of the health benefits of each, for the sex life: Avocados: Contains plenty of mono unsaturated fats, which keeps the heart healthy and strong. The ...
Fight For Your Right!!
Sex workers and transgenders in Mysore, Karnataka are running a restaurant and serve traditional south Indian food to guests to raise funds for HIV positive people and to fight against the social stigma associated with this section ...
Sex Workers Restaurant Social Stigma
Vaginal Ring Novel Contraceptive
Vaginal Ring May Help To Prevent HIV Infection
An Indian-origin scientist at Weill Cornell Medical College say that a novel contraceptive may also prove effective in blocking the transmission of the HIV virus. Dr. Brij Saxena, the Harold and Percy Uris Professor of Reproductive Biology and professor of ...
'Condometrics' To Check Your Size
The toughest challenge for any man is his performance in the bedroom. While the size of the male organ is what makes the mightiest of men shrink with nervousness, to add to the woes is launched the latest 'Condometric'. This ...
Lovemaking Cardiovascular Disease
How You Can Suffer A Stroke During Sex ?
As they say there's pain along with every pleasure, sex is not an exception either. Apart from love making being the most instinctive behavior bestowed by nature, it combines a lot more than that. ...
Morning After Pills Pregnancy
Morning After Pills: To be pregnant or not to be
Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and lust love, is an eternal virgin. She is an eternal virgin not because she never knew man, but every morning she bathe in a particular river which is said to give back her virginity. ...
Religious Prostitution - Sacrifice to tradition - Part II
Religious prostitution in ancients times can be overlooked with awe by certain youths today. However this human sacrifice to tradition is still practiced in certain parts of India. Here is an insight to such a tradition the talks about sexual practice ...
Religious Prostitution Partii
Sexual Issues Media
Media's Role In Sexual Issues
Have you ever thought about the increasing discussions about sexual issues on the present day? Our parents will admit that, at their mature stage they knew not even half of the sexual issues that our kindergarten child speaks out. Along with ...
Religious Prostitution- Sacrifice to tradition - Part I
The word prostitution, is termed as the fate of the distressed or downtrodden who has to forgo his/ her body for the sexual interests of others to fulfill his/her daily needs. However, it may not be the truth all the time. ...
Religious Prostitution
Dry And Hiv
Dry Sex and HIV Risk
Dry sex, intercourse without lubrication is a prevalent practice in some parts of the world. Women even use treatments to make themselves hot, tight and dry. Some women dry out with substances obtained from traditional healers, while others use detergents, salt, ...

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