Sexual Relations Stats Sore High!

The statistics indicating how many men a women sleeps around with, is quite shocking. The number have remarkably gone up when compared to 1960s.

On an average, today"s young women sleep with different partners three times more than the girls of the same age in the so-called 'Swinging Sixties' - the decade known for mini skirts, Rolling Stones and drugs.

An average 24 year old woman in the 1960s had 2 sexual partners, while most of the modern girls of the same age have at least 5 partners.

The figures are alarming as experts fear the increase of sexual health risks, as an outcome of this new trend.

Government agencies and NGOs are taking measures to popularise contraceptives and spread the knowledge regarding sexual diseases.

Most are aware of consequences like AIDS, but very few know that cervical cancer is also one of the consequence of having multiple partners. The rate of cervical cancer among women under 25 have increased over the past decades, despite better screening facilities.

A campaign for women have been launched for women to get a vaccine against HPV - the Human Papilloma Virus - which is a sexually transmitted infection and a major cause of cervical cancer too.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 23, 2010, 14:32 [IST]

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