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Sexual Relations Stats Sore High!
The statistics indicating how many men a women sleeps around with, is quite shocking. The number have remarkably gone up when compared to 1960s. On an average, today"s young women sleep with different partners three times more than the girls ...
Sexual Partners Health Risks
Scientifically Proven Lovemaking Facts
Scientifically Proven Lovemaking Facts
A few scientifically lovemaking facts have recently been unveiled. Here is a list of sex lessons for you to know...Sex smells: A study in The Journal of Neuroscience claims that man's sweat smells different when he is sexually ...
Birth Control Pills For Men
Manipulating testicular hormone levels can turn male fertility on and off, giving way to a new strategy for developing 'the pills' for men. With the pills, men can have similar type of control over their fertility that women ...
The Pill Male Fertility
Spermcheck Vasectomy
Monitor Your Reproductive Status After Vasectomy!
Many men are confused on when to use the ccontraceptive methods after vasectomy. Here is the solution for you! You can now resort to a medical home test kit based on a protein called SpermCheck Vasectomy.University of Virginia ...
Sponge Birth Control
There are so many methods of birth control like condoms, pills, surgeries etc. . . And the latest entry in the list of birth control options is contraceptive sponge, which is proved to be 90% effective when it comes to the result. ...
Contraceptive Sponge
Morning After Pills: To be pregnant or not to be
Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and lust love, is an eternal virgin. She is an eternal virgin not because she never knew man, but every morning she bathe in a particular river which is said to give back her virginity. ...
Morning After Pills Pregnancy
Birth Control Methods
Birth Control For A Safe Sex - Part II
The methods for birth control are various in the present world. We have already analyzed some of the effective methods for birth control as birth control patch, birth control pill, birth control ring and birth control shot in ...
Birth Control For A Safe Sex Part I
When you choose to enjoy the physical pleasure together, the first question that raises in your mind may be the fear of pregnancy. On the present day, when teenage pregnancy is at its peak, the awareness about the birth control methods ...
Birth Control
Sexual Issues Media
Media's Role In Sexual Issues
Have you ever thought about the increasing discussions about sexual issues on the present day? Our parents will admit that, at their mature stage they knew not even half of the sexual issues that our kindergarten child speaks out. Along with ...
Sex Education for Disabled Children
Providing sex education to children with disabilities is acquiring more importance in today's world. Sex and sexuality are very tricky areas for parents to converse with children. The difficulty heightens if their children are disabled. Parents of many disabled children are ...
Adult Education

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