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Sexual Partners

Sexual Relations Stats Sore High!
The statistics indicating how many men a women sleeps around with, is quite shocking. The number have remarkably gone up when compared to 1960s. On an average, today"s young women sleep with different partners three times more than the girls ...
Sexual Partners Health Risks
Free Love Increases Sexual Health Risks
Free Love, A Major Reason For Cervical Cancer
The girls belonging to the age of so-called 'Swinging Sixties' were well known for their then fashion trends including mini skirts, the Rolling Stones and drugs. But their next generation, or the girls of these days, have more sexual partners, when ...
Humour Sense Sexual Affairs
Sense of humour may get you women in bed
Brit blokes' sense of humour sure makes them go places. According to a new survey, the fellas are the best in Europe at getting girls into bed because they make them laugh. ...

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