'Condometrics' To Check Your Size

'Condometrics' To Check Your Size
The toughest challenge for any man is his performance in the bedroom. While the size of the male organ is what makes the mightiest of men shrink with nervousness, to add to the woes is launched the latest 'Condometric'. This pieces of rubber have a measuring ruler printed on the side that will accurately determine the size of the wearer's penis.

Where it can be a nightmare and embarrassment for the guys, girls can now have a better idea about how well endowed their men actually are! The condometrics measure up to 10 inch or 25 cms and is designed to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD's.

The major drawback in condom usage remains its failure to serve the purpose and the 'fit and feel' issues continue to prevail. Various complaints such as the condom size, its failure and the fact that there are chances for it to come off during intercourse are some of its setbacks. The new Condomentrics aim to solve all that and not just that but these things are also available in various flavors. AGENCIES

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