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STD Counseling Inadequate Among Male Teenagers
Despite the national guidelines meant for improving the sexual health services for teenagers, most sexually active boys still get too little counseling about the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) including Aids (HIV), says a new study. The study was led by the ...
Std Counseling Inadequate Teens
Cocain Hiv Risk
Crack And Cocaine Behind High HIV Risk
Teens with a history of crack or cocaine are at an increased risk for HIV than youth who have never used these drugs, claims a new study.The study has been published in the April issue of the Journal of Child and ...
'Condometrics' To Check Your Size
The toughest challenge for any man is his performance in the bedroom. While the size of the male organ is what makes the mightiest of men shrink with nervousness, to add to the woes is launched the latest 'Condometric'. This ...
All About Female Condoms
Women are shy or just get away with the responsibility of getting protected with the availability of female condoms. Fourteen million female condoms are distributed in the developing world on an annual basis with comparison to nine billion male condoms. Read ...

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