Women Buying Condoms

"It seemed to me that people were looking at me as if thinking 'you shouldn't do this." These were the words that reverberated in any woman's mind few years ago while buying condoms in the public store. This sense of feeling has changed drastically with sex education. Women in most of the countries realized that 'the only sex that won't kill them is safe sex.' They are walking up to the stores themselves to buy their male partners condoms although it is an embarrassing situation. Thanks to the increasing awareness of AIDS and easy availability of condoms.

A recent survey proves that while female purchasers continue to increase, males only amount to nearly 70% of all condom purchases. When enquired about the question of buying condoms on her own, a teenage girl replied, " My boyfriend is embarrassed and will not buy them himself." 80% of those who said they were embarrassed for being spotted at the cashier counter were mostly men.

Condoms sales are booming because of women becoming sexually protective in many countries like, Taiwan, UK, and Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka...etc. For instance women purchased only 20 percent of condoms in Taiwan in the 1990s and the figure has risen to 40 percent on the present day. To make the women's task easier vending machines are placed in rest rooms and all public places for the easy access of product (however most vending machines don't sell major brands of condoms.) Women don't even care when men look with raised eyebrows while they move towards condom aisle to buy one. A mother even asks her daughter what condom she would prefer. She is alert that if her daughter is having sex let her better use them. Condoms can also be bought online today, solving all the uncomfortable factors.

On the contrary these surveys, a report of the Crisis Pregnancy Agency stated few weeks back that attitudes towards sex in rural areas are still lagging behind those in cities. Women in rural areas are just as sexually active as their urban counterparts, but tend to be more secretive about their sex lives for fear of being judged or due to embarrassment. Teenage girls who haven't even crossed 18 are pregnant in some of the rural areas in India. Reason being that condoms are considered anti-religious or unnecessary object during lovemaking.
Condoms are not to be avoided especially if you are sexually inclined. Condoms are nothing but protection and most women have realized this. Women in the rural areas will soon be able to analyze its importance. Read all about the female condoms in the next article for safe sex.

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Story first published: Friday, February 2, 2007, 20:04 [IST]

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