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Sexual Desires

Erogenous Places Men Want To Be Touched
There are many erogenous zones where you would like to be touched by your partner. Both men and women have their own sensual zones. When you touch those particular zones, you get excited. Partners use this trick to excite you and ...
Erogenous Body Parts Men Want To Be Touched
Sex After Sexual Dry Spell
Spice Up Sex After A Dry Spell
Have you been out of sex for a long time? If you have missed sex in the recent days, weeks or months, you have to bring back the spice of sexuality in your love life with a bang! Dry spell can ...
Give A Sensual Body Massage
A sensual body massage would be a great way to spice up your sex life. Impress your partner in bed after a hectic day. A body massage is not just relaxing but also boosts up sex drive. Inspired from movies, and ...
Sensual Body Massage Steps
Sexy Moves A Woman Should Try Part
The Strippy Show
A strippy show: How about a strip show in the bedroom? Wear a sexy outfit and lace lingerie inside to tempt him. Striptease is a fantasy for men. Turn it into a reality by trying this sexy move. Use some props ...
Chilled Ice Cube Tickles
Ice cube tickles: This is a move that has become famous due to movies. To spice up your sex life, try this sexy move. Go to him and take an ice cube with you. Show the wilder side of you to ...
Sexy Moves A Woman Should Try Part
Sexy Moves A Woman Should Try Part
The Sensual Bed Pose
The sensual bed pose: This is one common pose for a woman that drives the man crazy! Wear sexy lingerie and cover it up with his white shirt. The partial view of your lingerie from the white shirt and a clear ...
The Seductive Dance
The seductive dance: Just try a seductive dance in front of your man. This is a common attempt by women to grab the attention of their men towards them. Wear a sultry black short outfit. Do not forget the stockings. Open ...
Sexy Moves A Woman Should Try Part
Sexy Moves A Woman Should Try
Sexy Moves A Woman Should Try
When things are not hot in bed, couples try to bring back the lost romance in their love lives. You can either go for a vacation or simply try new sex positions. However, women are at a benefit when it comes ...
Why Sex On First Date Is Bad?
Going on a date needs a lot of planning and preparation. Both the man and woman are too busy thinking "What to wear? "What to talk about?" What should I do on the date?" etc..... A date can either be filled ...
Sex On First Date Is A Bad Idea
Sex Cravings Of A Man
Sex Cravings Of A Man
Men are always ready for sex. There are few cravings of a man that he would never share with his partner. These insatiable sex cravings of men is nothing uncommon or unusual. Men can easily or freely share their sex lives ...
Tricks To Fix Sex Mistakes
Many a times you tend to commit few mistakes while having sex. This is not intentional but you feel awkward and most of the partners get turned off. It is not under the control of an individual. You can make mistakes ...
Tricks To Fix Sex Mistakes
Sounds Men Love
Sexy Sounds Men Love During Sex
It is often believed that women fake orgasms through manipulative sounds. These sounds excite men and this is why, women make such sounds to excite them more. But, there are few sexy sounds that are natural and not faked. These sensual ...
Onscreen Sexual Scenes To Try
On-screen romance has always been tempting for couples. From sleazy to sensually, rocking sex scenes have always forced couples to watch and try the same with their partners. Whenever we watch some sexual scenes, we tend to watch till it ends ...
Onscreen Sex Scenes To Try
Myths About First Sex
Myths About First Sex
When you have sex, you feel happy but also get tensed. This is more common among couples who are doing it for the first time. Why? Simply because there are many myths that can scare you and keep you in fear ...

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