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Sexual Desires

Ways To Rock Your First Sex!
Having sex is a dream for everyone. Almost every virgin expects to make love either on their wedding night or with their dating partners. You might have fantasized and planned about your first sex from a very young age. You can ...
Tips For First Sex
Weird Sex Habits
Weird Sex Habits That Can Annoy You!
While having sex, you do several things that can be interesting or annoying to your partner. You either do something that can excite your partner or do some weird activity that can surprise him or her. Lets get deeper into the ...
Signs You Are Becoming A Sex Addict
Sex can be fun and in some cases it can be dangerous too. You can become a sex addict if you are too much into love making or thinking about it constantly. While, a healthy and active sex life is good ...
Signs Sex Addict
Myths Orgasm Female
Myths About Female Orgasm
Orgasm is one of the most pleasurable feelings for women. While having sex, the desire to have orgasm is common among women. However, it is believed that not all women like to reach orgasm. Foreplay, intercourse and romance is what women ...
Sex During Periods? Points To Remember
Sex is a habit for many couples. The pleasure of making love makes them addicted to this activity. However, a woman faces several health problems such as periods or infections that might affect their sex life for a week or so. ...
Make Love Periods
Making Love Drunk State
Why Drunk Sex Is Better?
Sex is a big thing for everyone. During your first sexual encounter, you feel shy to go naked in front of your partner. This is because you feel uncomfortable or extra conscious about yourself. Few women fear of the virginity and ...
Pros & Cons Of Moving In Together
In a friends with benefits relationship? Well, you can move in together or just meet when you two wish to have sex! Ideally, in a friends with benefits relationship, sex becomes a need for couples. In short, the couple or friends ...
Pros Cons Move In Together
Men Find Attractive Women 161211 Aid
5 Things Men Find Attractive In Women
Men love to see few things of women and find them really attractive if the woman is well maintained an in 'shape'. What do men find attractive in women? Is it her looks, brain, wit, humour or her sensual figure? Check ...
Try These Sensual Gestures To Attract A Man!
You like a guy and want to impress him...you show gestures and sensual expressions to grab his attention towards you..he looks at you and takes the initiativeyou get your job done without the first move!!!!!!Often women use sensual expressions and signs ...
Sensual Gestures Attract Man 091211 Aid
Men Fantasises Turn On Men 231111 Aid
Fantasies Men Would Love To Experiment!
Men have wild and unexpected fantasies about lovemaking. They love to think about lovemaking mainly because of interest and the tendency to think in every 30 minutes interval. While making love to their partner, most of the men get different fantasies ...
Rediscover Lovemaking After Pregnancy
People say that love making after pregnancy is born to a couple dies out. Why should it be so? There is nothing in science to suggest that intercourse after baby's birth is painful or problematic. So why shouldn't couples make love ...
Love Making After Pregnancy
Women Low Libido Treatment
Treatment For Women With Low Libido
Low sexual desire is a major problem women bring to the sex therapists. Psychologists say that a low-cost, risk-free psychological treatment for women with low sexual desire can be more effective. They say that it can also be a better ...
Sexual Desire Affects Emotionally Too
Women with low sexual desire are emotionally very week, says the new studies. Ladies who have low sexual desires are prone to experiencing negative emotions. This includes dissatisfaction and distress regarding their sex life. Developing guilt about the inabilities is ...
Low Sexual Desire Depressed
Men Sexual Drives
Men's Sexual Desires
A new poll reveals that an average man thinks about lovemaking 13 times a day.3000 people were questioned and the results showed that comparatively an average woman thinks of sex just fives time a day. Though their body language is ...

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