Weird Sex Habits That Can Annoy You!

Weird Sex Habits
While having sex, you do several things that can be interesting or annoying to your partner. You either do something that can excite your partner or do some weird activity that can surprise him or her. Lets get deeper into the topic. There are few habits or practices that makes people comfortable while having sex. These weird habits doesn't affect sex as long as your partner gets used to it and adjusts accordingly.

What are these weird sex habits?

Wearing socks: While having sex, there are few men and women who prefer wearing socks while making love. While you should be completely naked while having sex, wearing socks looks funny and silly. It is a habit that keeps them comfortable and you can't change it but, deal with this weird habit peacefully.

Kiss my neck: When you are making out with your partner, suddenly you hear a whisper in your ears, "Kiss my neck". You take it lightly but then again you hear, "Kiss my back" or "Hold my hair". After a few times, you get frustrated and this weird sex habit can turn you off easily. It is because the flow of sex drive gets distracted with orders.

AC sex: While you love to get cozy in an air conditioned room, there are many couples who have a weird habit of having sex only in a chilled room. I understand that a cold room makes you more intimate but, steamy sex is something that is fantasized. Rough sex is erotic and fun!

Watching videos: There are many men who cum by watching videos. But, it is a means of masturbating when you are alone! Watching porn videos while having sex with your partner is annoying and weird. A bad sex habit that can be a big embarrassment and disappointment for your partner.

Unnecessary moaning: Sometimes women fake it. You would think that she is enjoying but, she is moaning just to fake it. Moaning excites men and so, there are women who try to turn the heat on by faking it! Moaning too loudly for no reason is a big turn off!

Licking underarms: Underarms is an erogenous zone for both men and women. The soft and sensitive skin is ticklish and this trick is implemented by few people to excite their partners. It is such a weird and yuck place to kiss or lick but couples do it in the heat of the moment.

Ticklish nipples: Men are attracted to breasts. No doubt about that! That is why, they will always do something on the bosom of a woman just to satisfy themselves mentally. But, if a woman has ticklish nipples, it can appear weird to a man as he cannot live his fantasies in real life! Well, it is the skin so, you should not feel weird about it!

These are few weird sex habits or issues that you face with your partner. Have you faced any? Share with us...

Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 16:53 [IST]

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