Ways To Rock Your First Sex!

Having sex is a dream for everyone. Almost every virgin expects to make love either on their wedding night or with their dating partners. You might have fantasized and planned about your first sex from a very young age. You can make your first sexual experience more thrilling by being properly prepared. I am not talking about watching porn to be well versed with the positions. There is more to it than just watching videos and gaining knowledge.

Ways to rock the first time sex:

Rock Your First Sex!

Start with a rose:
It is a sensual way to initiate an electrifying session with your partner. Set the perfect mood by gifting a rose to your partner. Ideally, women love such gifts but, even men can be surprised to get a rose! Use this prop as a medium to turn on your partner. Stimulate the body and make the partner feel ticklish with this aromatic flower!

Play with your partner: Make your partner feel comfortable on their first sexual experience by playing with her or him. You need not behave weirdly as it is your first time! Just relax and play with your partner while enjoying intimacy.

Do you have the confidence?: To make first time sex enjoyable and sensational, you have to be confident. It is difficult to go naked in front of your partner so, it is best to wear something that work wonders for him or her. Women can try deep cuts that are easy to open whereas men can try some sensual colours to add to the masculinity. These are few easy ways to excite your partner and enjoy sex for the first time.

Expect less: Do not think that your sexual desires will be similar to the romance that you see on screen or in your dreams. It is not necessary that you will enjoy your first encounter with sex completely. Both you and your partner are new to this and remember, practice makes a man perfect! So, do not overwhelm yourself with these reel scenes.

Take a slow ride: To make your first experience memorable and fun filled, go slow. There is nothing to be in a hurry. Men who are new can cum early so, it is best to have sex with patience. This is an effective way to avoid premature ejaculation. Do not skip foreplay as it is a big turn on for both men and women.

Precautions: Whenever you are ready to have sex, be careful about the precautions. Do not get carried away by the flow of emotions and pleasure. Carry a condom in your pocket. It is better to carry precaution when you feel that you are going to break the mountain!

These are few ways to enjoy your first sex. Be confident and careful while enjoying pleasure.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 17:39 [IST]
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