Tricks To Fix Sex Mistakes

Many a times you tend to commit few mistakes while having sex. This is not intentional but you feel awkward and most of the partners get turned off. It is not under the control of an individual. You can make mistakes but, the trick to continue the sex is, you have to make up for the mistake instantly. Here are few simple tricks to help you fix sex mistakes.

Tricks To Fix Sex Mistakes

Ways to fix sex mistakes:

Entered dry: You are too excited and forced him to enter inside you. You didn't notice but you made him enter inside even though you were not wet with lubrication. Well this can be painful for both of you. So, quickly fix this sex mistake by asking him to withdraw for a second. Apply a lotion or gel and then start the intercourse again. Do not start saying sorry while you are still into it or else you will spoil your partner's mood completely. Make up for the drawback by kissing or touch his sensuous zone again.

Rough and wild: Sometimes couples commit a common sex mistake by indulging in rough sex. This can be a really painful experience for quiet a few. If your partner doesn't like you biting or scratching his or her body and you have mistakenly done that in a the flow, you have to make up for it. Slow down and prefer kissing your partner's whole body for a few seconds. Being gentle will definitely curb the wilder side and also control the anger or pain that your partner faced a few seconds back.

Wrong method: Trying a new sex position but made a mistake? Fix that mistake by going back to some position you are good at. Sometimes experimenting might be a big turn off for your partner. So, if you think you just made a mistake in bed, fix it immediately.

Wrong attempt: Sometimes you try to excite your partner through a particular trick. However, the trick works for a moment but fails ultimately because you do not play more with the trick. For example, while rubbing your partner's sensuous zone, you keep rubbing and after few minutes, your partner might feel an irritation on the skin. Fix it by adding some creativity. Kiss your partner while rubbing or play with your fingers to excite your partner even more.

Leaving her alone after sex: This is one of the most common sex mistakes that men make after having sex with their partners. Women want to feel important and not neglected (especially after having sex with their partners). Do not start working after you cum. Kiss her and hug her. Touch her for a while before you leave the bed and start with your work. This will make her happy and is an easy fix for the problem too!

These are few sex mistakes that can be fixed immediately by couples. Do you know any other tricks to fix mistakes in bed?

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