Why Sex On First Date Is Bad?

Going on a date needs a lot of planning and preparation. Both the man and woman are too busy thinking "What to wear? "What to talk about?" What should I do on the date?" etc..... A date can either be filled with fun or can be extremely boring. First dates can never be predicted. You can either end up moving on or just say a bye and sever all ties with him or her. But, many couples on their first dates have gone beyond talking and dinner. If you like the date, you end up having sex with him or her. One night stand or continuity depends on the couples mutual decision. But, is having sex on first date a good idea? Find out...

Why Sex On First Date Is Bad?

Why sex on first date is a bad idea?

Wrong impression: If you end up having sex on the very first date, you only throw a very bad impression on your date. He or she will think that this is not your first time. It all depends on how you take it. While few people do not bother on this point, women somewhere are concerned about this point as they are worried about their first impression. Remember, first impression is the last impression. If you have sex on the very first date, your date might take you for granted.

You hardly know him/her: C'mon! It is your first date. So what if you have spoken over the phone or chatted on net? You have seen him or her physically for the first time. If you have sex on your first date, you would hardly know anything about him or her? Why show your personal assets to someone whom you do not know too personally?

What's next?: If you have sex on the first date, the next morning, you will feel awkward to face him or her. The only thing that would come to mind is, "What to do next?" You got carried away and had sex but, you did not like him/her too much to date further! So, it really a very bad idea to have sex on first date.

There is no more fun in dating: Wondering how there is no fun if you had sex? Sex can be filled with fun and pleasure, but the fun that a couple have in giving good night kisses and talking whole night is much better than having sex. If you have sex on the first date, you would hardly share the same excitement while talking to each other, as sex takes dominance over the building relationship. You start thinking sexually and not emotionally.

These are few answers to why having sex on first date is a bad idea! Do you have more points to it?

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