Myths About First Sex

Myths About First Sex
When you have sex, you feel happy but also get tensed. This is more common among couples who are doing it for the first time. Why? Simply because there are many myths that can scare you and keep you in fear till you get your next period. Find out the most common myths that are related to first time sex.

Bleeding is a must: Well, this is not a compulsion. Not all women bleed. According to most of the men, bleeding is a sign to prove that the woman was a virgin. When the hymen ruptures, the woman bleeds and this shows that she is a virgin. However, the truth is not all women have to bleed to prove their virginity. Involvement in sports or lack of blood vessels in the hymen prevents the woman from bleeding. So, do not rely on these myths. Not all women bleed after their first sexual experience.

It is painful: Many women are scared of having sex simply because they cannot bear the thought of letting a strong and erect jagger enter inside their vagina. This fact has been hyped so much that it is now a myth. As mentioned above, not all women bleed on their first sex. Similarly, not all women have an intact hymen. Sex is painful if the hymen is intact. Defloration is one of the easiest methods to make first sex less painful. The truth is, cycling, horse riding, martial arts and stretching can break the hymen thus making your first sex less painful. So, do not worry. If the intercourse is painful, do it slowly.

Pain and inflammation in vagina is dangerous: Women after their first sexual encounter complain of pain and burning sensation in the vagina. While passing urine, these problems creep up. There is a myth that pain or inflammation in the vagina is risky. However, pressure from the penis during the intercourse expands the vagina which becomes sore for few days. Constant rubbing burns the vagina. This is more common if the vagina is dry. Using tubes might help while having sex but, later on, it burns. If the problems persist even after 1 week, consult a doctor.

Urinating after sex prevents pregnancy: Having sex without a condom? Many a times, first sex is unplanned. This is why, you do not use condoms as you were not prepared. In the first time, even men cannot have control over their cum and most of them end up cuming inside the woman. There is a myth related to this first time sex. If a woman urinates immediately after her man cums inside, the sperms come out from the vaginal passage thus preventing pregnancy. Well, the urine is passed out from the ureters (urinary bladder) and sperms do not enter the uterus from the bladder.

These are few myths that are related to first time sex. Have you heard some other myths?

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