Things Which Can Turn Off Couples In Bed

Turn Off Bed
Making love is one of the most satisfying feeling for a couple. What constitutes lovemaking session? For couples, kissing, caressing, oral love and intercourse ends the session. Everyone can make mistakes. There are few things which can turn off a man or few acts of men can turn off a woman. To have a mind blowing lovemaking session, you should know few things which should never come up in bed while making love. Check out..

Things which should never come up in the bed while making love:

Phone: A phone call while making love can be really irritating and a big turn off. Most of the couples have complained that a phone call is a big turn off! So, it is very important to keep the phone away during the session.

Talk: Dirty talks can spice up the session but talking about something out of track during the lovemaking session can be a major turn off! Men lose interest in seconds so it is very crucial to keep the pace throughout the session. Instead of talking about your day at office or home, talk about the session, your desires and fantasies!

Lights: Women hate making love when the lights are on. They are shy to show themselves naked when the lights are on. To prevent the chances of her tun off situation, always switch off the lights. Lovemaking in dark is very intimate and wild for women.

Lost: Absent mind can spoil the mood completely and can be a big turn off. During the lovemaking session, you have to go with the flow instead of thinking about something else. If you are not in a mood, tell your partner politely and explain the reason. Remember, your partner should not get hurt emotionally. Sometimes, the urge of an orgasm and the lack of interest can spoil the relationship. The unknown fact is that, making love relaxes the mind and body. So, if you are tensed or lost, make love and feel good!

These things should never come up in bed as they are big turn offs for both men and women.

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Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2011, 17:32 [IST]

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