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Sensual Tricks To Keep It Wild When He Is Far!
You feel bored and desperate when your partner goes far from you for few days or weeks. The urge of making love to your partner increases more when physical distance is more... This is why, you find it difficult to resist ...
Sensual Tricks Keep It Wild 050412 Aid
Seductive Tips Woo Him 200312 Aid
5 Seductive Tips To Woo Him!
There are many ways to excite your man. You can either wear a sexy lingerie or attract him with gestures. To sensually attract him towards you, try these seductive tips to woo him! Seductive tips to woo him:Appearance: To sensually attract ...
7 Weird Things Which Turn On Women!
You must be knowing few things which excites a woman in minutes. For example, teasing her or touching her can turn the woman on within a minute. But there are few weird things too which can turn on a woman instantly! ...
Weird Things Excite Women 150312 Aid
Things Tell Man After Making Love 140312 Aid
What Men Love To Hear After Sex?
After having sex, men want to sleep whereas women want to talk. This is one of the main reasons why women misunderstand men. For this reason, few women feel that they are being used by their men. Did you know men ...
Sensual Tricks To Attract A Girl!
Exciting a girl is a big trick which only few men know! Those who are sued to making love are aware of the sensual parts or zones of a woman. Often you will shy to ask your girl about her erogenous ...
Sensual Tricks Attract Girl 120312 Aid
Attract Pregnant Women Men Like 290212 Aid
Are Men Attracted To Pregnant Women?
The sagging breasts and tummy bump are always a sign of attraction? That's what most men say and fall for. To them, the extra's in the body are always a sign of vulgarity, wild and wannabe. Remember Silk Smitha? Her bulgy ...
How To Avoid Feeling Shy In Bed?
Do you feel shy while making love? Men are not shy in lovemaking but women needs time to become comfortable in bed. Most of the women feel shy to express and this is why they don't perform or get satisfied. How ...
Feeling Shy Bed Partner 170212 Aid
Spice Up Romance Valentines Day 310112 Aid
Sensual Ideas To Spice Up Romance On Valentine's Day!
Valentine's day is coming close. How are you planning to spice up romance with your partner? If you don't have any plans to have a sensually romantic session with your partner, then here are few ideas to make this valentine's day ...
How Women Masturbate To Reach Orgasm?
Women won't tell but they too love to masturbate! Stimulating the g spot or rubbing stuffs can make a woman reach orgasm easily. Generally women use fingers or toys to reach orgasm. Here are few funny ways women use to reach ...
Ways Women Masturbate Reach Orgasm 180112 Aid
Funny Ways Men Masturbate 170112 Aid
5 Funny Ways Men Use To Masturbate
You think that there is only one way to attain pleasure! There are several techniques which are used by men to masturbate. If your technique to masturbate (shafting) has created boredom then you can try few funny yet different ways to ...
Tips To Avoid Reaching Climax Early!
Men get excited either with the physical view or through little imagination. For women the case is completely different. Lovemaking for them is based on romance and mental bondings. After lots of effort, you excite your woman but during the intercourse, ...
Avoid Early Climax 120112 Aid
Make Her Want More 090112 Aid
Its Easy To Make Her Want More In Bed!
The lovemaking session becomes more romantic and erotic when she shows that she wants more. Men can get excited easily but women take a lot of time to increase their libido drive. As women take time to get excited, you have ...
Bananas For Sensual Lovemaking!
Bananas are considered as a sensual fruit for lovemaking. This is a sensual fruit because of its shape, size and appearance. Women use it sensually to attract a man and even for self-stimulation. How? Check out...Bananas, a sensual fruit for lovemaking:Women ...
Bananas Sensual Fruit Lovemaking 030112 Aid
Sensual Male Body Parts Excite Woman 020112 Aid
Sensual Male Body Parts Which Excites Women!
You know what men love in a woman's body but are you aware of the men's body parts which are loved by women? Almost every man is curious to know which male body parts excite a woman! Take a look at ...

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