Sensual Tricks To Attract A Girl!

Sensual Tricks To Attract A Girl!
Exciting a girl is a big trick which only few men know! Those who are sued to making love are aware of the sensual parts or zones of a woman. Often you will shy to ask your girl about her erogenous zones or even asking your experienced friends can be hesitating. If you want to turn on your girl, try these sensual tricks to attract her towards you!

Sensual tricks to attract a girl:

Use your eyes: To attract a girl towards you, use your beautiful eyes and throw gestures showing that you need her. You can also look into her eyes or just constantly stare at her lips. Staring at lips is one of the signs to show that you are in a mood to make love.

Play with your hands: You have to build sensual tension in the woman. To turn her on, build the ambiance. This is because men get aroused instantly with touch or imagination but for women, emotional angle is more powerful in building the mood to make love. Use your hands and play tricks with them to get her attention towards you.

Accidental yet intentional touch: Forceful lovemaking can lead to negative results. So be smart with the tricks. Touch her by holding her arms and squeeze at times. This turns a woman easily and also signals your mood of making love. You can also brush your arms against hers to arouse her mood. Woman also get excited with just a touch!

Strong perfume: This is one simple trick to turn on a girl in seconds. Attract your girl sensually by putting on a perfume which she loves. Nice smell from the body excites woman and this doesn't involve much effort from your side as the aroma of your perfume does wonders!!!

Try these sensual tricks to attract a girl towards yourself!

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Story first published: Monday, March 12, 2012, 17:14 [IST]

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