Sensual Ideas To Spice Up Romance On Valentine's Day!

Spice Up Romance Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is coming close. How are you planning to spice up romance with your partner? If you don't have any plans to have a sensually romantic session with your partner, then here are few ideas to make this valentine's day special. Read on...

Sensual ideas to spice up valentine's day:

Red room: As the color of sensuality and romance is red, you have to use red color in your bedroom. Set the perfect romantic mood by putting red silk bed sheet and use heart shaped cushions with romantic or dirty texts. This spices up the lovemaking session in bed especially foreplay.

Scented candles: Spread the fragrance of sensual scented candles in the room before making love. Candles add to the sensual mood and the light of candles easily excites women. Don't forget to put few candles on side tables beside the bed.

Roses: You can use the flower of love, the flower of sensuality to spice up romance in bed. You can use this flower before or during the lovemaking session. For eg, you can spread rose petals on the bed sheet or else use a rose stalk to excite and tickle her while making love.

Chocolate: How about spreading melted chocolate on your partner and tickling her with you tongue by licking it? This is a different yet related sensual ides to spice up this valentine's day. Chocolates are romantic gift ideas and you can use this sweet while making love.

Romantic dance:
A session is unromantic if there is no dance. This is more applicable when the occasion is also romantic, valentine's day! Select few romantic songs and grab your partner's hand. It is a sensual idea to spice up romance in bed.

Try these spicy and sensual ideas for a romantic lovemaking session this valentine's day.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 17:41 [IST]

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