How To Avoid Feeling Shy In Bed?

Avoid Feeling Shy
Do you feel shy while making love? Men are not shy in lovemaking but women needs time to become comfortable in bed. Most of the women feel shy to express and this is why they don't perform or get satisfied. How to stop feeling shy while making love? Find out...

How to stop feeling shy in bed?

1. The first thing to get over shyness with your partner is by becoming comfortable. The situation and needs can help you become comfortable.

2. Accept that he is with you. You have to see his love to become comfortable with him.

3. Lovemaking is nothing different. It is not a sin. You can make love if you are comfortable.

4. Communicate with your partner to get over the shyness in bed. You might not feel comfortable in the beginning. Sharing thoughts can help take better approach towards lovemaking.

5. Often women feel shy thinking about their self image. Remember, if you are rigid, you spoil your image and turn him off!

6. Getting excited is normal human reaction while making love. You don't have to feel shy for this in bed.

7. Observe his reaction. This can make you build comfort levels while making love and get over your shyness.

Try these ways to get over the shyness with your partner in bed. Lovemaking should be free and both should be comfortable. If you are shy, you only spoil the mood and turn him off. This shyness may make it difficult to enjoy pleasure.

Story first published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 14:53 [IST]

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